Advantages And Tips For Compost Tumbler

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You have bought a compost tumbler, a perfect choice to compost your biodegradable garbage. In three weeks you are supposed to get humus by turning the tumbler. But sometimes due to difficulty in turning the materials in it would not get rotten and you would not be able to get the required results. Follow some simple tips mentioned below to get the best of results. Get some interesting guide on compost tumblers, before purchasing one at

Follow these simple tips to get the rich compost in just weeks.

The first time you are using the new compost tumbler by dumping all the kitchen and backyard waste, make sure to add some manure or use a compost activator. Use these for the first few batches of composting. Make sure that you leave some humus behind before loading the next set of waste and don’t clean in between also, this way the next batch of waste already has activator in it.

By turning the tumbler, the kitchen waste does get mixed well, but it is always better to combine the waste with some scrap papers before adding it to the compost tumbler. Keep the right balance of C-N ratio, the carbon-rich brown substance and nitrogen-rich green substance in the right proportion, then you are sure to get the best dark, rich compost in three weeks.

Mix in shredded paper with the kitchen waste before putting it into the compost tumbler. Chop all the waste instead of putting in big chunks of waste into the tumbler. This way they compost faster. By cutting the waste, you can get more place in the tumbler and each time use shredded paper. Make sure to add bit by bit instead of dumping the tumbler once for all.

Choose a tumbler which is easy to turn and get some reviews before picking one for yourself.