Buying and Growing Kratom

If you are planning to grow Kratom indoors, it is good to go for cutting method of growing instead of buying seeds and growing. You can buy Kratom plant cuttings through online. Normally all the plant sellers know how to pack properly so that it won’t affect the plants leaves and stems. A plant can survive for some days or even weeks if the package is done properly. Moisture is more important for the plant to survive for some days. So the packers will pack in a way so that the plant gets some water regularly. Please check for the image source for detailed information on Kratom at Once you receive the pack it is recommended to keep the plant in direct sunlight for some time.

Replanting the Kratom

You have to repot the Kratom plant once the plant starts to root. Kratom plants will grow very fast and hence please change your small pot with a bigger one so that it has enough space to root. Normally Kratom plant will grow like a very small tree so it is important to plant it in a big container.

Climate Effect

Kratom plant needs decent climatic conditions. If your area is so hot the plants will get affected by sunlight. The leaves will get some red or brown dots. It is the indication that the leaves are getting affected by hot sunlight. You need to immediately change the plant pots position to avoid direct sunlight or you can do some light setting to reduce the heat.

Bug Control

If the plants leaves are getting affected by bug, it is sure that you have not applied proper pesticide for your plants. Please do not buy and apply some local pesticide products which will harm human beings, if consumed internally. There are many pesticides which are very much safe for food related plants.

Misting Advantages

Kratom plants will love to grow with natural environmental conditions. So you have to make your plants growing area in the same manner so that the plants can feel the same effect. You have to regularly mist the plant leaves so that they will have moisture conditions at all the time, but it will also affect the leaves even if the mist level is high.

High cold conditions

If the climate is very cold it will affect the Kratom plant leaves as well as stems. Normally the cold will increase at night. Please do not remove the leaves or cut the affected stem areas, the leaves have to fall automatically. If you have done some proper arrangements for cold like keeping them inside the green house or providing better sunlight for heat, the stem will again start growing.

Cuttings ideas

Always remember to cut a fresh branch for cutting purposes. Also please use a clean and sharp knife to cut so that the stems will not get affected. There are several methods to plant cuttings. First it should be kept in a rooting solution before planting into a pot. Some people just keep the stem in glass of water to get the roots but it will not workout always as more water will affect the stem.