Reasons Why You Should Migrate To Magneto

by Alex Cadman file under misc

Magneto is one of the world's largest platforms used by many e-commerce companies. More than 200,000 retail companies across the globe use this platform for their websites. Launched in 2008, Magneto was acquired by eBay. There are three major versions of Magneto namely Magneto Enterprise, Magneto Community and Magneto Go. Magneto Enterprise is a premium version that has much functionality and adds support to all enterprise level retailers. Magneto Community is a free version of the website that can be used by anyone. It is suitable for almost all retailers and it also gives users an option to upgrade when needed. Magneto Go is the hosted solution that allows the companies to choose Magneto as their hosting partner. has all the details that you would need about various platforms.

Some of the advantages of using Magneto are:

One of the biggest advantages Magneto has over other platforms is that there are a lot of developers who are experts in the Magneto platform. This is very advantageous since any issues can be addressed by the pool of developers available. This way, the store owners need not worry about keeping the website intact as the developers can take care of the same. There are many guides that are available online for both developers and retail owners that can be referred before creating the website. It can also be integrated with Salesforce and other EPOS systems that make life simple for retailers.

The Magneto community can be scaled to meet up any number of demands and it suits most of the retailers regardless of their size. For larger retailers, there are lots of options available and they can be implemented in the community. There are approximately 20 Million pounds that can be generated using this platform. Companies can look at moving their entire businesses into Magneto without making many changes. Companies can use some third party software suppliers that can help them in integrating the platforms together.

The SEO compatible features of Magneto make this very exciting. It can be easily controlled using some third-party modules that help retailers decide on the options available. Some of the basic elements are using tags, URL's, choosing google friendly websites and redirection features etc. these certainly gives an edge to Magneto over other hosting platforms available.

One of the important benefits is that it is an open source system where the developers get access to the source codes and can customize them based on their requirements. It is equally secure and easily accessible while using Magneto.

There are so many Magento developers and agencies that are present across the globe. So there is no need to stick to a single developer or agency. There are plenty of resources available for this purpose. One of the main reasons for choosing Magneto is that there are many good agencies available and one can sign a contract to sign up with any of them.

A platform is as important as the products that are being sold on the website. Therefore, it is important that retailers choose the correct platform and Magento sure proves to be promising.