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Stay Safe While On An Electric Skateboard

by Alex Cadman file under misc with tags

Are you looking for something special to gift your kid? Then go ahead and gift a skateboard. Not just any skateboard but an electric skateboard. It is much fun and exciting to cruise on the electric skateboard where you just have to turn it on and step back on the board and with the help of your remote you get to go places with the speed you choose. It’s so simple to operate and need no extra effort. And anyone can cruise on it. Isn't it awesome? You need to Choose boards which would suit you. But it doesn’t mean, you needn’t take any safety measures into consideration and sites like explicitly warns people of the dangers if they don’t follow safety measures while cruising on an electric board.

Accidents happen when safety measures are ignored. Some people becomes too confident while commuting in an electric skateboard which leads to ignoring the safety rules one must follow while traveling.

Here are some safety tips which are needed to be followed to ensure you travel safely.

Wear Proper Safety Gear Just like how you chose the best skateboard, you need to also choose the right safety gear for yourself so that you don't injure yourself by falling off the board or by any other means when you are traveling on your board. The same safety precautions like when you are traveling by scooter, bike, and skates are advised here. Safety gears include:

· Helmets: It is best to choose a helmet which would fit to suit your head. Most helmets have at least two different kinds of thick foam pads which you can adjust to fit your head. To check whether the helmet fits your head properly, first, connect the chin strap and shake your head up-and-down and side-to-side to see whether the helmet is secured properly around your neck. If you still feel there is lots of space inside the helmet, try inserting the other thick foam pad or by adjusting the chin strap tighter.

· Knee/elbow pads: This gear is often ignored by people as they think they would look silly or they would never fall off the board. But isn’t it better to wear the pads in case you fall off? Nowadays, you get knee pads which are sleek, sleeve and slim to your body. They actually look pretty much cool. Remember to buy the correct type of pad which completely covers the desired area.

· Gloves: In order to protect your body from a fall, your hands will be the first thing you would put ahead before the fall. No matter how bad your hands would get injured you just want to protect your precious face and your body. Why make your hands suffer when there are gloves available which can give your hands the protection they deserve. Best to buy leather gloves which will protect you from bruising while falling off your skateboard.

Check Whether The Battery Accessories Are In Place

· Remote: Check whether the remote is charged and working before riding.

· Battery pack: You need to check if the extra battery is charged. Be sure you store it securely and take it along with you while commuting.

Always check whether the board is functional, i.e., if the battery pack is secured, the gears are in proper place and wheels are spinning properly. It is always important to check whether the board is maintained properly before riding on an electric skateboard.